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Wig Ash Blonde Wig fullcap Alopecia Hairloss Approved

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Ash Blonde 360 fullcap wig American Hairstyle 2019 human hair blende 24 inch long layers adjustable cap wig combs inside pulling your own hair into a granny low bun in the nap of your neck dig the combs into your hair to secure the wig while wearing up in ponytail Alopecia Hairloss cancer Chemo Bare scalp this wig is perfect for you LSU’s flat on the head giving you the most natural look use the adjustable straps to secure the wig use hot tools up too 390 lightly mist with water before applying heat for maximum results no glue no tape fallow us Tess Wigs USA American Girl Hairstyles specialize in light colors wear this pretty baby up in a ponytail or down trending now in 2019 comes in Brown I ship same day