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Moissanite Wedding Ring

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Main material
925 sterling silver halo moissanite ring
Plating Color
Main stone
1ct Moissanite,0.5ct moissanite
Stone color
DEF color
Ring size
All moissanite stones come with certificate
Diamond are a girls best friend and a Moissanite Ring is a Mans! Nothing is comparable too the Quality and Price these rings Sparkle more then a Diamonds  

high Quality Perfect affordable wedding ring no one will know

Not sure what your buying please feel free too search “Moissanite Stones” I actually bought one 10 years ago for myself for $2000 I always wanted a 2kt diamond but couldn’t afford the size I wanted. Then I discovered “Moissanite” Since then I will never buy a diamond again! In my Personal Experience “ Moissanite “ is 100% better and sparkles more this is my opinion I also have this in a CZ ring for less