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Copper Brown Lace Wig 13x6 Freepart

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Wig copper Brown 13x6 Freepart ear2ear swisslace handstitch handtied entire front that’s ear2ear handtied Swisslace wear up in a ponytail if you have complete Hairloss Alopecia this is your wig Feel Pretty feel you again human hair blende color 4/27/30 swisslace 24 inch Long use hot tools up too 390 styling your new wig just like your own hair Use the combs by pulling your own hair into a granny low bun in the nap of your neck wear your wig up in a ponytail or down suitable for hairloss Alopecia I ship same day once your wig arrives if you love it you will love the next one more I always strive to be the best wigs in the USA