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Color Spray Black

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  • High Beams
  • Black
  • Hair Color dye
  • No Harsh Chemical
  • 1,2,3 And go!
  • Wellah you now have black
  • Runway Models & Stylist been using this for years. Instantly get the color you want
  • Can be used on your hair or wigs
  • All hair types human or synthetic
  • Simply wash out with shampoo
  • Fastest easiest way too color your wigs
  • Spray on the way you would spray hair spray
  • Buy every color have fun!
  • Can get several uses & doesn’t expire
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Perücke, perruque’ peluca’ かつら

Katsura’ 假发

Jiǎfǎ’ peruk’ شعرمستعار

shaear mustaear’перука

peruka’ парик

parik’ peruca.