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Brown Long wig sale Swisslace Full cap 2019 hairstyle

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This wig is gorgeous when you see 13x6 buy it the handtied ear2ear on this is everything you need to look like the wig is growing out of your very own scalp Long Brown ombré  Fullcap Wig 13x6 Freepart ear2ear entire front is soft handtied Swisslace part or braid anyway you want fullcap perfect for complete Hairloss Alopecia Chemo tritchotillomania feel pretty feel U 26 inches Long human hair Blende use your hot styling tools up too 390 styling your new wig just like your own hair IF u have hair pull into a granny low bun in the nap of your neck dig the combs into your bun and wear up in ponytail or down bare scalp complete hairloss once you put this wig on you will feel so completely happy please let others know the beauty in these Fullcap wigs my passion is putting a smile on your face  welcome