Tips For Getting Insurance Reimbursement For Your Wig Purchase

Tips For Getting Insurance Reimbursement For Your Wig Purchase

Taking the following steps can increase the odds that you will get assistance with buying a wig.

Call Your Health Insurance Company First

Most private health insurance policies will cover at least a percentage of a wig purchase. Before you start wig shopping, call your insurance company and ask about their requirements. The cost of wigs can vary tremendously. Variables in cost may include:

A simple, human hair blend wig may easily be covered completely, whereas you may be responsible for a large percentage of the cost of a designer, human hair wig.

Get A Prescription From Your Doctor

A prescription from your oncologist is often needed for insurance to cover the cost or part of the cost of a wig, but the terminology is important. Most companies require an order that says "hair prosthesis" or "cranial prosthesis." While this terminology can sound frightening (or maybe just silly), it's just the way that insurance companies prefer to label a chemotherapy-required wig. The insurance company may also require that you purchase the wig first, send in the receipt, and file a claim. When you file the claim, it can also be a bit challenging knowing how to classify your new hair. In some cases, a cranial prosthesis classifies as "durable medical goods."

Keep All Documentation

Make copies of all the paperwork related to your wig. This is important when filing for reimbursement and also in the chance your paperwork gets lost during the claim process. Keeping a file with copies of all your cancer-related costs can save a great deal of time (and money) in the long run. If your claim is delayed or goes missing, it's easy to resubmit your claim if you've still got the information. As far as your wig, you should copy and save these items:

  • Your doctor's prescription
  • Packing slip for your wig
  • Completed insurance claim form
  • Any correspondence you send to the insurance company
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