Does Insurance Cover Your Wig Purchase?

Does Insurance Cover Your Wig Purchase?

The short answer is, possibly! However, it’s a step by step process.

If you’re hoping that your medical insurance will cover your wig during cancer treatment, there are a few things you should know. While most private health insurance companies provide this coverage, it's important that the prescription be written out appropriately (not for a wig but a cranial prosthesis) and the way in which it is reimbursed can vary.

Most chemotherapy drugs can cause hair loss or thinning, but some chemotherapy drugs can cause more hair loss than others. Even when you know it will happen, it can still be shocking to see your hair begin to fall out. Planning for hair loss ahead of time may help ease this transition. While there are many options for head covers, they all have their advantages and disadvantages, and having a wig available (even if only for special occasions) ahead of time is helpful.

Fortunately, not only is at least a portion of your wig cost usually covered, but there are a number of options for head covers as well ranging from wigs, to hats, to scarves, and more. The cost of treatment, plus time lost from work when needed, can already place enough stress on your checkbook.

Tips For Getting Insurance Reimbursement For Your Wig Purchase

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